Fukuzawa Yuuki

The younger brother of Yumi, though both were born within the same year. One common mistake that non-Japanese fans make is that the Fukuzawa siblings are twins. This is not the case. Yumi refers to Yūki as her "toshigo no otōto" (年子の弟?),[9] which means "younger brother that was born within a year" and explains why Yumi and Yūki are in the same grade. The Japanese word for twins is "futago (双子?).[10] He loves Yumi very much and tries to help her in everything he can. He has good relations with the students of Lillian and is somewhat popular and is the only man that Sachiko isn't afraid of possibly because he is Yumi brother. At the beginning of the series, he did not empathize with Suguru, but Suguru invites Yūki to stay over for New Year's in his house; subsequently Suguru begins to perturb Yūki by giving him the nickname "Yūkichi". Yūki becomes the president of the Student Council of Hanadera due to his neutrality, as he does not belong to the cultural or sports clubs




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