The Rose Mansion is the student council headquarters.


Though it's called a mansion, it's actually a small building, roughly half the size of a classroom, taking up floor space in the corner of the courtyard for high school buildings. However, being an independent building used solely by the student council and, with the aid of its wooden two-story appearance, it became known as a mansion

It is comprised of two floors. A storage room on the first and a meeting room on the second. When entering the Rose Mansion, there is a door on the right leading to the storage room and a steep staircase on the left. At the top of the stairs, as you reach the second floor, is a big stained-glass window. The meeting room is to the right, through a "biscuit-shaped" door. There is a door plate hanging from the knob that says, "Please be quiet, in a meeting."

The walls and floors are made of wooden boards that are worn. The meeting room is half the size of a classroom, and all the walls, except for the one adjacent to the hallway, has wooden-framed bay windows. Clean cotton curtains adorn each and are fastened with a thin ribbon. A long oval table sits in the center of the room that seats up to eight people.

The entire building probably could only fit fifty people at once.


The building may be much older than the Lillian school building itself. The stairs squeak loudly when walking on them, and the meeting room is said to feel like an old, western-style dining room.


  • The petite soeurs are charged with cleaning the meeting room, which includes dusting, airing out the room, washing dishes, etc. Petite soeurs also prepare drinks and snacks for the council members.
  • Hot drinks are prepared using an electric pot.
  • Drinks include tea, instant coffee, and instant cocoa.
  • Tea is not covered by the Yamayurikai budget, so it is brought in by the student council members themselves. Cookies are donations from cooking classes.

Other AppearancesEdit

The Rose Mansion serves as an stage in Maribato!.



  • The pipes freeze in the winter, so everything is done in cold water.