Maribato! is a fanmade Fighting Game developed in 2004 for the PC by DK Software, and has the most popular characters of Maria-sama ga Miteru as playable characters. Gameplay is similar to that found in other games such as Street Fighter, The King Of Fighters, Guilty Gear, among others, and the characters sport quirky yet very funny and lovely moves and styles that can be traced to those games; It also includes in-jokes and references to the Light Novel. The stages are based in actual locations at Lillian Academy, and the characters are presented using a Super Deformed style for their sprites. The game consists in matches of 2 best out of 3 rounds between two teams of two soeurs each, and follows a Tag Team structure, similar to games like Marvel Vs. Capcom, and allows to switch characters at any time, useful to extend combos, or to escape an enemy combo. However, if one character's life meter is depleted, the team automatically loses one round.

A second version of the game, called Maribato! Version 2.0 was released in Comiket 70 in 2005, and a third one, called Maribato! Plus, was released one year later, both presented as standalone discs. Both version add new characters and stages, and rebalance the existing ones.

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Trivia. Edit

  • The characters are voiced by a new group of actresses. For example, Yumi was voiced in the anime by Kana Ueda, in Maribato! she's voiced by Sayaka Kazuna.
  • Touko was earned the nickname "Drill-chan" due to her very long., drill-shaped twintails, and it served as inspiration for her moveset, involving summoning drills, and attacking her opponent with them.
  • The music of the character selection screen, as well as the Greenhouse stage, is a rendition of Ave Maria by Charles Gounod, a piece played in piano by Sachiko, and later sung by Shizuka in the anime. In both cases, the music has a fast pace.


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